Splendid Hotel La Torre, Mondello, Palermo

The conference will take place at the Hotel La Torre, located in Mondello, a pretty beach resort only a few kilometres up the coast from Palermo.

Mondello extends around the small bay enclosed by mounts Gallo and Pellegrino. The town began life as a village of fishermen most engaged in the local tuna fishery. Mondello shore is most attractive, characterized by crystal-like waters and uncontaminated sea-floors with richest underwater vegetation and caves.

How to reach Palermo

1) By plane trhough Falcone Borsellino Airport.
2) By ship trhough Palermo port.
3) By train trhough the Railway Central Station of Palermo.

How to reach Mondello from  Falcone Borsellino Airport

1) By TAXI (any time period, strongly suggested for arrivals after 4 PM)
There are several taxi companies in Palermo. This information refers to RadioTaxi, but others have similar policies.
--A taxi fare from Falcone-Borsellino Airport to Hotel La Torre in Mondello costs 35 euros. This is a flat rate and you should ask for that rate. Some companies may apply a few more euros of surcharge for the night service.
--For Radio Taxi, the flat rate  is the same even if you do reserve the taxi. Reservations should be made at +39-091-513311 or +39-091-512727.
Here are a few tips that we would suggest you follow, if you want to take a taxi:
--If you arrive before 9.00 p.m at the Airport, there is no need to make  a reservation since taxis are in a good supply at that time.
--If you arrive after 9.00 pm, it is advisable that you make reservations before you board your flight with final destination Palermo. Earlier reservations are useless.
Here is a procedure that may help you,  if you do not speak Italian: 
--Call the reception of Hotel La Torre (+39-091-450222) telling them that you are a CPM participant. Then ask them to make taxi reservations for you. You must give them all details about your flight.

2) By BUS (notice: last bus to Mondello leaves at 8,00 PM from Palermo)
Coach connections (PRESTIA-COMANDE') between the Airport and Palermo are available about every 30 minutes. There are trips from 5 a.m. to midnight, and the bus waits for the last landing flight.  The single ticket fare is 5.80€ and it can be bought on board of the bus. In order to reach MONDELLO, you can get off from the PRESTIA-COMANDE's bus at the first stop of VIA LIBERTA' and cross the street. There, you will find a bus stop where you could take the GRAND TOURISM BUSSES (GTs) GT MONDELLO VIA FAVORITA or GT MONDELLO VIA VERGINE MARIA.
GTs are available about every 30 minutes, and the last race is at around 08,00 pm, the single ticket fare of GTs is 1.50€ and it can be bought on board of the GT. The GTs bus terminal is in MONDELLO, a few meter from the conference venue (Hotel La Torre).